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   Aunty Kath's Cookie Dough

All time traditional favourite with real choc chips that all the family can enjoy. Delicious large chunks of chocolate mixed into our tasty dough. Perfect for parties or a fun after school activity.
Delicious cookie dough filled with multicoloured real M & Ms. Bake these up for rainbow delights at a children’s party or as an extra special treat when you have friends over to stay.

*M & M’S MINIS is a Registered Trademark of the Mars Group of Companies and is used with it’s permission

Baking Tips

• Always preheat oven to 180 degrees for accuracy in cooking times
• Lining tins and trays with baking paper makes for easy non stick, no mess trays and tins. Just slide the baked cookies along with paper off the tray onto a cooling rack.
• Bake one tray at a time using middle oven rack.
• Cool baking trays between batches; cookie dough placed on hot trays will spread.
• If cookies have cooled too long on the tray and have become difficult to remove, reheat the tray in the oven for one minute, and then remove the cookies.

Cookie Dough Tips

• Food colouring can be added to softened cookie dough. Add the desired amount of food colouring to the dough; work it into the dough until the colour is well blended. Reshape the dough into a log again before cutting. Wrap it tightly in plastic; refrigerate it until firm, about 3 hours.
• Extra ingredients can be added to the cookie dough by breaking up the cookie dough in a large bowl. Add the desired ingredients and mix well. Discard cookie dough that has been unrefrigerated for more than two hours.
• For best quality, use the cookie dough before the “use-by” date on the package.
• Once opened, refrigerated cookie dough should be used within one week.


A lot of fun is mixed into every chub of Aunty Kath’s Cooke Dough - the possibilities for delicious make at home snacks are endless! Just add your own touch of creativity.

Here are some easy suggestions to start you off.

For surprise cookies - Pop extra white or brown chocolate buttons between 2 very thin slices of dough before cooking as directed. The cookies will have a fabulous chocolaty surprise in them.

For mini tasters - Slice the dough into rounds and then chop into 1/4s. Ensure there’s space between each chunk and bake for about 8 minutes. Now you have lots of mini cookies.

For cookies and cream icecream on a hot summer’s night- Bake cookies, let cool and then crumble through vanilla icecream. DELICIOUS!

For marshmallow cookie sandwiches – Pop a marshmallow on top of a cooked cookie, microwave for 10 seconds then top with another cookie. Even more DELICIOUS!

For a monster cookie – press the dough evenly across a pizza tray before cooking – perfect for a big sleepover party.

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