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Serving Ideas and Cooking Tips

Ideas with Jensens Organic Spices...

For extra variety with your evening vegetables...

Add Jensens Organic Garlic to olive oil before drizzling over chopped potatoes, pumpkin or carrots for roasting.

Add Jensens Organic Ginger or Chilli with butter before roasting sliced sweet potatoes.

Add Jensens Organic Garlic or Chilli with a little butter and milk to freshly mashed potatoes.

Add Jensens Organic Ginger with melted butter and a tbsp of honey to freshly steamed greens or cooked sliced carrots.

For a salad dressing with a difference...

Add Jensens Organic Ginger and Chilli to an equal mix of white wine vinegar, light soy sauce and honey. Shake well and serve on a fresh salad.

Add Jensens Organic Chilli and Garlic to an equal mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Shake well and serve on a fresh salad.

For quick dips that are sure to please...

Add Jensens Organic Garlic and Chilli with mashed avocado and some fresh lemon juice. Perfect guacamole for crunchy corn chips!

Add Jensens Organic Ginger to soy sauce and serve with hot Asian finger food as a dipping sauce.

Add Jensens Organic Chilli and Garlic with freshly chopped spring onions to a tub of natural yoghurt and serve with Greek pitas and lamb.

Add Jensens Organic Chilli and Ginger to 1 cup of egg mayonnaise. Perfect for dipping barbequed prawns.

When cooking, add Jensens Organic Spices near the end of the cooking process. This will ensure your flavours will be stronger and closer to fresh.

For exciting variations to your Jensens Organic Pasta sauce...

Add some hot roasted chicken, torn into large chunky pieces.

Use fresh pork, beef or chicken mince in your Bolognese for slightly different flavours.

Add fresh organic vegetables such as zucchini and capsicum to your sauce.

Sprinkle with freshly shaved parmesan from the deli department.

Serve a vegetarian pasta as a side dish to hot baked chicken legs.

Add hearty meatballs to the hot sauce and serve with spaghetti.

Serve sprinkled with small crispy bacon bits on top.

Use with plenty of shredded mozzarella cheese for a delicious pasta bake.

If time permits, leave your sauce simmering on the stove for extra time– the longer the sauce simmers the more complex the taste becomes. Alternatively prepare your pasta sauce the night before required and leave to develop overnight in the refrigerator.

For exciting ways to serve Jensens Organic Salsa...

Serve in the traditional manner as a dip for fresh corn chips.

As a healthy alternative, use fresh vegetables for dipping pieces – try carrot and zucchini slices, green beans and cauliflower florets.

For nachos, add cheese to a layer of corn chips and grill. Add Jensens Organic Salsa, mashed avocado and sour cream just before serving.

Spread with shredded cheese over baked chicken breasts and grill.

Use in simple Mexican cooking in tacos, fajitas and enchiladas.

Spoon over hot chargrilled lamb chops at a gourmet BBQ.

For delicious tomato flavour...

Use Jensens Organic Passata on your pizza base with fresh sliced parmesan cheese, a touch of Jensens Organic Garlic and a sprinkle of Italian herbs.

Add Jensens Organic Passata and some Italian spices to a chunky vegetable soup or a delicious lamb stew.
Add just a little Passata in your favourite curry, casserole or sweet and sour sauce.

And for something sweet

Heat a few tablespoons of Jensens Organic Raspberry fruit spread then pour over hot chocolate cake or muffins.
Heat Jensens Organic Apricot Spread with a tiny bit of maple syrup or honey and spread on hot crepes.
Serve on fresh scones with clotted cream.

Try apricot fruit spread on hot toast sprinkled with almonds.
Add a spoonful of Jensens Strawberry spread into cottage cheese or plain yoghurt to add extra flavour without too many extra calories.
Use to flavour hot porridge – just to give it a little sweet kick.

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