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Jensens Organic Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Jensens Organic foods?

At selected Coles supermarkets and some independents. Jensens Organic can also be purchased online through our preferred online retailer – Ethical buying. Please click here to see their website.

Why does organic food sometimes cost more?

Prices for organic foods reflect the true costs of growing quality chemical free foods. Conventional farming may produce cheaper food, however there may be health, social or environmental costs that are hidden. Organically produced foods must meet stricter regulations than conventional farming which may be more labour and management intensive. Farming also tends to be on a smaller scale.

Do I need to keep Jensens Organic products in the fridge?

Only after opening. The natural acidity of Jensens Organic product act as natural preservatives and will keep the products perfect until opening or the nominated Best Before date. After that please refrigerate.

How long can I keep my Jensens Organic products for?

All jars are marked with a Best Before date. This date should be adhered to. Jensens Organic products will last up to this date in the pantry. Once opened however they should be refrigerated and used within 3 months for spices and 3 days for salsas and pasta sauces.

How do I use Jensens Organic Spices?

Just spoon them straight from the jars directly into your cooking whenever you would normally add spices or whenever the recipe dictates it. Just replace your old spices with Jensens Organic.

How much Jensens Organic Spices should I use?

As little or as much as you like. The intensity of flavour is your choice. For a mild dish, add a little chilli. For a hot dish, add a lot!

What is Jensen’s Choice Foods doing to reduce its environmental impact?

Jensen’s Choice Foods is concerned with the impact we have on the environment. Jensen’s Choice Foods has a water management plan in place to reduce usage. Large water storage tanks are used to harvest rainwater, which is then used for steam generation and in our cooling towers. We are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. Our action plan is designed to reduce our environmental impact, whilst continuing to provide quality and safety. The packaging action plan is available for public viewing – please click here.

All Jensen’s Choice Foods vehicles have been upgraded and are now either diesel powered or hybrids.
Jensen’s Choice Foods has recently undertaken an energy audit to identify further potential energy reductions.

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