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Organic Products

Jensen's Choice Foods is a registered producer of Organic products. Australian Certified Organic, the certifying body of The Biological Farmers of Australia certify Jensens Organic products.

Quality organically grown raw materials are combined together to produce a range of products that taste good, are good for you, are competitively priced and available through the large main stream supermarkets.
Jensens Organic have created a full range of organic products for you to try. All can be stored in the pantry until opened, so are always available when extra flavour and tantalising aromas are required. Once opened, they should be stored in the refrigerator to ensure optimal flavour.

Jensens Organic Wet Spices – Jensens Organic wet spices includes garlic, ginger and hot chilli. Jensens Organic search with diligence to ensure that our organic ingredients come from the best sources possible. We then mix, chop, slice, dice and wash in a manner that creates great products and retains all their natural goodness. These organic spices come in a ready to use format that allows every individual cook to achieve their full potential to create exciting dishes. Jensens Organic spices come in convenient 220g jars and are designed to make good food even better.

Garlic - Garlic was once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, chewed by Greek Olympians and thought to scare off vampires, demons and werewolves. It has long been regarded as a force of both good and evil, having a reputation in folklore for various health benefits; some of which have been confirmed by modern science. It has natural antibiotic properties and is often used medicinally. Studies have shown garlic to be effective against artherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

The taste of garlic is like no other. It has a pungent, 'hot' flavour that mellows and sweetens considerably when cooked and has been used in cooking throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East for centuries.

Jensens Organic Garlic is available in a convenient ready to use form. No more peeling and chopping – just spoon as little or as much as your taste buds desire. 1 tsp of Jensens Organic Garlic is equivalent to approximately 1 clove of garlic.

Ginger has a culinary history dating back to the ancient Greeks. It is mentioned in ancient Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern writings, and has long been prized for its aromatic, culinary and health properties. It is one of the most versatile and exotic ingredients in world cooking. In many stirfries, curries, marinades and dressings, ginger is an essential ingredient, but it works equally as well in sweet recipes as it does in savoury. In traditional recipes the Chinese use ginger’s tenderising properties as a marinade, Europeans make ginger cakes and breads, whilst the Japanese love pickled ginger for their sushi.

Ginger is slightly sweet and peppery with a strong and spicy aroma. It is often used for motion sickness and osteoarthritis and has a long tradition of being effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. It is believed to have excellent antioxidant properties and can be taken to reduce pregnancy related nausea.

Jensens Organic obtains the finest organic gingers and then treats them with loving care, to produce delicately crushed ginger that will give a full authentic flavour to your favourite dishes. Jensens Organic Ginger is a must for the pantry of good food lovers. 1 tsp of Jensens Organic Ginger is equivalent to approximately 2.5 cm of fresh ginger root.

Chilli - Chillies originated in the Americas where Christopher Columbus encountered them on his adventures. Their popularity has seen them adopted into many cuisines of the World. They are now grown around the world for use as spices, vegetables and medicines. They are believed to boost the immune system, stimulate the appetite, clear the lungs, improve circulation and increase one’s metabolic rate.

Jensens Organic prepare and chops the chillies so you don’t need to. 1 tsp of Jensens Chilli is equivalent to approximately 1 medium sized fresh chilli.

Jensens Organic Pasta sauce - Jensens Organic Pasta Sauces are made from organically grown tomatoes. The organic tomatoes make a great flavoursome base, which then combine with vegetables, spices and peppers to make the 4 varieties. All are a source of Lycopene; a natural antioxidant found in red tomatoes, and are 99% fat free. A number of studies have reported that Lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Jensens Organic Pasta sauces are available in 580 gram jars - Big enough for the growing family or use part and keep the rest in the fridge to be used as an excellent base for an exciting casserole.

Jensens Organic Basil & Garlic is an authentic Mediterranean style sauce with delicious red tomatoes, basil and garlic.
Jensens Organic Bolognese sauce is the traditional family sauce. Just add cooked mince, heat and serve. Kids love it.
Jensens Organic Red Wine & Herb is rich and full flavoured with just a dash of red wine.
Jensens Organic Arrabiata Pasta Sauce is hot and spicy with an extra kick. Best leave this one for the adults!

Jensens Organic Salsa Dip - Jensens Organic have created two exciting organic Salsa dips. These salsas are made from organically grown ingredients with the ideal combination of tomatoes and chillies giving an authentic spicy Mexican taste. Both are 99% fat free so make a perfect accompaniment to healthy vegetable snacks.
Jensens Organic range of dips come in 320g jars and include Mild and Medium heat. A Hot variety will also be introduced in the near future.

Jensens Organic Tomato Sauce is a thick and rich tomato sauce, with a strong tomato flavour. Try it and you will be surprised! It’s appetising rich red colour can be seen through the slimline glass bottle.

Jensens Organic Passata is a thick and rich cooking sauce, perfect for pizzas, pastas, soups and casseroles. It is a natural source of Lycopene; a natural antioxidant found in cooked red tomato products.

Jensens Organic Fruit Spreads are perfect on hot toast in the morning or with scones and cream for afternoon tea. They come in 3 delicious flavours, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot and use the finest organic fruit.

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